What is Golf Gangwars?

India's favourite golf tournament the "Golf Gangwars" is an amateur team championship event that will see 'Golf Gangs' compete in the largest amateur golf tournament in India and Asia. Each gang is allowed 10 golfing warriors to form a team. Gangwars will feature Gangs from 8 cities across India- Delhi, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Hyderabad. A max of 12 gangs from each city will participate to form a citadel. The Warlord (captain) leads their teams on to the golf battle ground for a victory in the Infantry round. The winning gang from each Citadel (City) will qualify to play in the Cavalry Battle (National Final). The Cavalry Battle winner to be crowned as the 'Mightiest Golf Gang' in India.

The Golf Gangwars was conceptualized, marketed and managed by Touché Golf Sports since 2011. This year (2015) Touche' Golf Sports Pvt. Ltd. has collaborated with Rishi Narain Golf Management, to market and manage the event to make the event grander and offer a better experience for players. In the past, the event has attracted over 2500 golfers across 12 Citadels (Cities) and has generated substantial buzz online with over 1.84 million hits on the tournament website - in 2014.

The "Golf Gang" is a group of like-minded, passionate, regular playing club level amateur golfers, teaming up together with a common objective. The gathering of a group or a "Golf Gang" is normally part of a social event that starts with a game of golf and culminates in a fellowship activity on and off the golf course. Primarily formed by group of friends who play golf and socialize in the same social circles.

This tournament ultimately belongs to the gangs- and we want you to experience the best!

Golf Warriors, the 'Battlefield' awaits you!

National Final to be held in Thailand in March/April

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